About Immortals and Impossibles

In November 2008, I had one of my best conferences' journeys ever (and I have had many) in Amara, Romania. More than a conference, it was a space filled with the wishes and energy of tons of beautiful individuals.

In Amara I met Deliana (Deli), one of these awesome shiny people. Some time later, and unexpectedly, she wrote me an e-mail in which she told me that one of her best friends said: "If I can give a part of me to the people that surround me, I will become immortal".

Even if she found some arguments to prove him wrong, she started to look for cons for her own very arguments. So, she searched for people she knew can support her friend's statement, and she said she have remembered me! She said to me: "I see you as a person who will be immortal because he gave parts of him to people... lots of people. Thank you for that, because you have touched, some of my best friends in the most beautiful way possible: through who you are!". Of course I am grateful to Deli for her message (thanks tons baby!); however this is not what brings me to these lines today. What brings me here is the story of one of those "immortals" that have touched many, including me.

When making the summary of my 2009 I came across Deli's message - which made me feel happy and more committed. And then I wonder: How open am I to receive with arms wide open the beauty of the people around me? I started to think about the people I have got in such close contact with last year that they have became immortals for and through me, those people that made a difference in my life by being who they are, by teaching me with their walk, not with their words. I was very pleased to see the list kept on growing and growing. Within those names there was one that came together with a sense of achievement and the core of the story I want to share with you today: Mugur.

Mugur is a person that gives not only parts of himself to the people around, he gives everything he is to those purposes and people he commits with. The best example of his commitment is the NY Marathon he ran lately last year; a New Year's resolution he had set up in 2008! The beautiful thing is that he captured the whole story in a 17 pages document and share it with his friends and family. "I hope this will be a source of inspiration for 2010 resolutions or other objectives, sport related and not only" - he says in the first page. I asked him if I could share his story and essay here because I found it beautiful, powerful and worth spreading. He humbly agreed (Find the link to download Mugur's paper at the bottom of the post).

His paper will take you through the entire journey that took him from setting the resolution in 2008 to crossing the finish line in NY last year. At the end, when he points out that "the journey is the reward", he shares a quote from Michael Phelps:

"I wouldn’t say that nothing is impossible.
However, I do believe that everything is possible if you put your mind into it,
dedicate time and work hard to reach your objective.”

When I read that I smiled; I am used to say that
impossible is temporary.

Which are your impossibles for 2010?
Are you going to be immortal this year? How much? For how many?
Are you open enough to let others be immortals through for/through you? Who are these immortals?
Have you thank the immortals of your life? What are you waiting for?

Wishing you a 2010 full of immortals and impossibles!

Love tons,


You can download Mugur's paper here.

PS: Thanks Deli and Mugur for your beauty!

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