My summary of my 2009 by Ami

Here I am, coming to share my story about a beautiful 2009.
A year with good and bads, crying and laughter, satisfactions and lusts...
A year of discovering new personal values and of seeing more and more only the beautiful part of life ...
A year in which ...
I have moved 3 times, changing houses in 3 different cities, learning how to make a home from each one of them.
I have been a delegate, a facilitator, a chair in different AIESEC conferences in Portugal, feeling that I am finally starting to give back all that this organization has been offering me in the past years.
I have jumped from a plane, experiencing the highest adrenaline rush ever, being embraced by feelings of total safety and freedom.
I have traveled, reinforcing the image of a world that has a lot to offer and that worths everything to be seen.
I have watched people leave, I have watched people come, and I know that the bond of a real friendship will never vanish.
I have felt in love, I have waited, I have accepted, I have suffered and cry my pain out; learning how to burn my soul out giving the chance of a new baby Phoenix bird to come to life.
Now I am ready to face and experience everything that 2010 will bring along!
See you next year ... see you soon !

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  1. 2010 will birng even more excitment and enthusiasm to live life...
    I am sure of that!
    Love tons Beautiful Female Individual ;P


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