A Beautiful Story about 2009!

There is a Jewish saying that Isabel Allende (one of my favorite story tellers) shared at her speech at TED:

What is truer than truth?

The story.

The Story is truer than Truth!

Usually, at the end of the year I review what my life has been in those 12 past months. I tell and re-tell myself the story of what has happened, in that way I reignite my passion for living life to the max, make sure that the circles that need to be closed are closed, and get ready to level up in the incoming year. This helps me turn the story into the truth that I need to carry with me, at the end of the day that is what I sleep with, that is what I take bed with me ultimately.

My 2009 Story Summary:
I fell in love twice and got my heart broken twice; because of that today I believe more and more in love.
I shed tear of sadness and happiness, of pain and joy; because of that today I value them more.
I jumped from a plain, because of that today I know that our deepest fears can be conquered.
I kept on traveling, and because of that today I know that I will keep on doing it.
I discovered that feeling empty means that I have gave everything, because of that I am not scared of thieves any longer; there is nothing they can steal when I feel empty as I feel today.
I got my soul, needs, desires and insecurities naked in videos online, because of that today I have less to hide away from the world and I feel my own freer.
I reconnected with my sister and old friends, because of that today I am certain that true love does never dissipates.
I stopped making sure that my walk follows my talk and made of my walk my talk, because of that I do not need to think twice, I live.
I stop worrying about the kind of person I wanted to be, I let it emerge; it always was within me, because of that today I can just 'be'.
I moved from intention to action and started Beautiful Individuals, because of that today I feel empty.

So, what’s YOUR story of 2009?
I invite you all to write your summary and to share it with others. Sharing it is a way to co-encourage each other to shine more, to strive for more, to support more and to live more.


  • Commit from 4 to 8 hours for the complete exercise! Plan it and execute it!
  • Use your social networking profiles, go back in time until January 2009 and take a look at the posts you made, the pictures you uploaded, the messages you received, etc.
  • Use your blog, re-read all your posts for the year.
  • Use your e-mail and make sure you extract the best out of what you find there.
  • Create your summary in the making, it is an organic process.
  • Reconnect with some key people you wanna thank, forgive, ask for forgiveness, poke, or just to say hi!
We will be glad to see some of your summaries as comments in this post!
I leave you with the TED speech of Isabel Allende called Tales of Passion.
Have a Beautiful end of the year and see you next week here.

Love tons,


  1. Thanks for Isabel Allende and 2009 Connecting of Dots

    It helped me connect a lot of dots that I needed to right now...from what I said at the Faci pre-meeting of lacking passion.....there's now light at the end of the tunnel to uncover my source again.....the Wangari Maathai link also really helped..I'll tell you about it sometime.....keep at your passion its really illuminating others passions and probably you will get to only realize a fraction of the impact you create....Thanks again...lets see the product in a while....Cheers

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